Welcome to Treasure Mind Academy Online!

Welcome to Treasure Mind Academy Online!

TMA intends to build in you a state of purpose, intellect,psychic or spiritual awareness to wealth or riches, well
Treasure Mind Academy Focus Areas

Treasure Mind Academy Focus Areas

Treasure Mind Academy focus areas include Entrepreneurship, Skill training, Wealth and Happiness, Positive Living &
Treasure Mind Academy Mentoring Programme

Treasure Mind Academy Mentoring Programme

Remember: Your goal is to identify your strengths so that you can deploy yourself in such a way as to increase your
24/7 Access to Treasure Mind Academy's Portal

24/7 Access to Treasure Mind Academy's Portal

TMA's portal is available 24/7; registered users can access their accounts at thier convenience
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Food For Thought

The three things which all mankind desires and which are necessary for his highest expression and complete development are Health, Wealth and Love.
Spiritual power is superior because it exists on a higher plane. It has enabled man to discover the law by which these wonderful forces of Nature
The laws under which we live are designed solely for our advantage. These laws are immutable and we cannot escape from their operation. All the great
Most people assume that their financial standing is defined by how much they earn, how much they’re worth, or some combination of both. And

Featured Events

12 September 2019
Why is one man sad and another happy? Why is one
11 October 2019
Did you know that clarity accounts for probably
25 October 2019
There’s a great satisfaction in knowing

Latest TMA News

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  • 4 years ago
The Treasure Mind Online membership portal will soon commence online registration. Once the portal


How can I contact the President
You can contact the President via email on president@treasuremindacademy.com or by using the contact form on our contact page. Your can also contact the president through TMA's social media
How can I register online
You can register online through TMA's memebrship registration portal
What services does TMA Offers
Treasure Mind Academy offers consulting services in Entrepreneurship and Skill Training, Career Development, Positive Living and Mentoring, Wealth and Happiness and Meditations and Spiritual
When can I start my session
Members can start their session as soon as payments are confirmed. All registered members can access and manage their accounts online. The TMA portal will be a major tool for information
Where is TMA located
Treasure Mind Academy is online but physically located on No. 11 Bumbuna Street, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja - Nigeria. You can visit our contact and social media pages, for more TMA contact details

Get In Touch

We are available 24/7; use any of our contact media to reach us

  • Add:11 Bumbuna Street, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja
  • Tel: +234  809 837 6194
  • Email: info@treasuremindacademy.com
  • Hotline: 01-7-507-1376


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